eLearning modules to help local government make better use of data

The Local Government Association, in partnership with The Open Data Institute, has developed a series of free online eLearning modules to help encourage and support local government's better use of data,  These modules are designed for local government elected members and officers responsible for business data, information management and open data publishing.  They describe the stages necessary to prepare, manage and use data collected on a daily basis by local authorities undertaking their business operations.

A home page for the modules gives quick access to all six modules.

The series of six modules sub-divide into two sections.  The first series of three modules consider the benefits and strategies for being more transparent and open with data, taking on board the stages leading to publishing in accordance with national information standards. The second series of three modules encourage better use of data already collected.  They make the case for data and call upon a wide variety of examples and case studies where local authorities are already introducing innovative and efficiency saving practices through increase data use and re-use.

The first three learning modules about data standards, transparency and open data are:

Module 1: Open Data: Making Transparency Work - where you will learn the background to why transparency and open data availability in local government is important and how benefits are realised.  

Module 2: Open Data: Making Publishing Work - where you will learn the recommended approach, stages of preparation and available tools that guide the publishing of your data openly and consistently to merge with the entire local government sector.  

Module 3: Open Data: Making Standards Work - where you will learn about the information standards that guide a consist approach to data publishing in local government to unlock the potential for easier discovery and re-use of your published data by wide ranging data consumers. 

The second three learning modules about making better use of data are:

Module 4: Making your data work for you - why local government is turning to data to solve problems and improve processes, some of the tools they use to do it, and how success is being measured

Module 5: Making an impact with data - the impact of data use in local government, highlighting where and how exemplary work is being done, inspiring other local authorities to make working with data a core part of their practice.

Module 6: Making the case for data - advice on clear, effective communication of the benefits from better use of data to help you deliver a pitch to secure buy-in, support, financial help to move our ideas forward.

Webinars to support these eLearning modules.

Two online free webinars remain to be run to cover the use of the last two new modules 5 and 6 above in  May and June 2017.  Record your intention to take part in these webinars in the links below:

Webinar 8: Making an impact with data to take place on 16-May-2017 at 10:00-11:30am.

                    Making an impact with data (repeated) to take place on 16-May-2017 at 14:00-15:30am.

Webinar 9: Making the case for data to take place on 6-June-2017 at 10:00-11:30am.

                     Making the case for data (repeated) to take place on 6-June-2017 at 14:00-15:30am.

We have already run a series of seven webinars that covered the subject areas of eLearning modules 1, 2, 3, 4. These webinars were recorded on YouTube and can be watched at any time by interested users. 

1. Better use of data - Introducing the LGA Learning Modules
This webinar walks participants through the first set of three learning modules (Making Transparency Work, Making Publishing Work and Making Standards Work) and answered questions.  You can watch a YouTube recording of this webinar here.

2. Better use of data - In Focus: Inventories and Data Quality
Publishing good quality data is the key to encouraging greater re-use. This webinar explores why data quality and inventories are important, and how to publish good quality data in 12 steps. You can watch a YouTube recording of this webinar here.

3. Better use of data - In Focus: Standards and Certificates
Standard structures can make your data more useful and consistent. In this webinar, learn how to find and use common schemas, develop your own schema and certify the quality of your data. You can watch a YouTube recording of this webinar here.  

4. Better use of data - Introducing the LGA Learning Modules
This webinar takes you through the process of publishing a consistent, high-quality dataset (possibly non-domestic rates) that has been frequently asked for through FOI requests. During the webinar we revisited some of the relevant elements from all three learning modules  You can watch a YouTube recording of this webinar here. 
5. Better use of data - Creating data inventories and registering your data
This webinar demonstrates in detail how to create an inventory to record and provide information about council’s datasets and fulfil the FOI requirements for an FOI publication schema. The session also covers how to register and publish your data on data.gov.uk and validate it.  You can watch a YouTube recording of this webinar here.
6. Better use of data - Making the case for open data
This webinar focuses on the value of open data and making the case to senior managers. It  demonstrates benefits and examples where open data have been used to engage locally, foster economic growth and transform and innovate services. You can watch a YouTube recording of this webinar here.  A presentation slide set was used as part of the above webinar.  These slides can be accessed here.
7: Making your data work for you
This webinar focuses on eLearning module no. 4 and covered the potential for using and re-using existing local government data collections.  It covers advancements like the internet of things sensors, data quality, barriers to data sharing and introduces the data maturity model developed by Nesta with the LGA in 2016.  Due to over-subscribed demand for this webinar we ran it twice on 26-April-2017 in the morning and then repeated in the afternoon.  You can watch the morning recording on YouTube here.   You can also watch a repeated afternoon recording on YouTube here.


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