Local Government briefing days on the General Data Protection Regulations

The LGA, in partnership with the i-Network, information governance for London and other supporting public sector information management networks, is planning a series of briefing days on the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

These events are titled "Data protection reform in local government and the new general data protection regulation".  They will all take the same format and will take place in regional centres around the country. Places can be reserved on the LGA events booking service here:

Manchester – 18-Jan-2018

London – 29-Jan-2018

Birmingham – 6-Feb-2018

The agenda for these events are still in development but the eremging agenda with provisional speakers is available online.

However, it is our intention that each day comprises a mix of briefing materials, open discussion/questioning and breakout parallel workshops focussing on selected key detail aspects of GDPR preparations in local government.

We hope to have a mix of speakers drawn from regulators, central bodies, theme experts and local case studies/experiences.

The morning will comprise plenary sessions and will include briefings and open discussions. We hope to include:

  • An update from the regulator

  • A review and explanation of the Data Protection Bill and resulting derogations

  • A look at the relevant guidance and support materials that are emerging across other sectors

  • Panel-led open discussion

The afternoon will comprise a series of parallel workshops where you will be able to select a sub-set of subject areas that are most important to you. We hope to include workshop/seminar sessions on:

  • Practical tips on records of processing activity

  • Role and options for the Data Protection Officer

  • How suppliers are helping to preparing your IT systems

  • Managing contracts and procurements after start of GDPR

  • Understanding cyber-security and its impact on GDPR requirements

  • Detecting, reporting and investigation data breaches and related incidents

  • The creation, role and upkeep of privacy impact assessments

  • A legal perspective on processing personal data

  • Appropriate data sharing in the health and social care sector

You are also referred to a highly active GDPR in Local Government knowledge sharing portal in use by officers and councillors as they prepare and discuss planning activities and implementation planning for GDPR


posted by LGA Transparency and Data Programme Team on 11th September 2017

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