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Create your own neighbourhoods and use ones created by other people

Natural neighbourhoods are open public definitions of geographical areas on which you might wish to report and share data.  LG Inform Plus takes advantage of natural neighbourhoods to let you run reports for custom areas.


Define your own neighbourhood types at different levels of granularity.

Build neighbourhoods from wards, lower level super output areas and output areas.

a to z

Break down a whole local authority area by neighbourhoods of your bespoke type.

Choose areas quickly by selecting from the map or by keying their codes.


Define your personal geographies as open data for others to share and use.

Neighbourhoods are published in open formats, each with its own URI (unique resource identifier), so everyone can share the same precise definition of an area.


Publish your own natural neighbourhoods to use in LG Inform Plus.

Any reporting tool can may use of the neighbourhood definitions, including their map shapes.  LG Inform Plus reports allow selection of neighbourhoods as alternatives to wards for analysing a local authority area in detail.  LG Inform Plus automatically calculates metric values for each published neighbourhood.