• There is now a new LG Inform report which looks at deaths related to COVID-19, with a focus on care homes. The data is available for districts, as well as for counties and single-tier authorities.

  • Lists of Primary Legislation covering the Powers and Duties for English and Welsh local authorities are maintained and available to subscribers through the Powers and Duties tool. The data includes changes resulting from the Coronavirus Act 2020.

    We're also making freely available these documents describing changes from the Act:

    1. Changes to Local Authority Powers and Duties resulting from the Coronavirus Act 2020 (PDF)

  • We have created two LG Inform reports which show data from Public Health England about the number of hospital cases of coronavirus over time.  We have combined the information with population data, to create a rate per 100,000 people (to show the authorities with a bigger proportion of their population with coronavirus rather than the biggest absolute number). 

    We show the top ten councils (by total number of cases, as a rate, and by the biggest number on a single day) on a daily basis. 

  • Predictive analytics and related data science approaches are increasingly being used by councils. They are being used in many ways, from identifying which heating boilers in council houses are most likely to fail (so they can be replaced first), to helping judge levels of risk for children’s safeguarding. The use of these technologies is at an early stage and councils where this is happening are still evaluating both impact and operational questions – e.g. what staffing and governance arrangements are required.

  • The British Standards Instiutute (BSI) would like to invite you and your organization to comment on the following draft during its ~7 week consultation period:

    PAS 186, Smart cities – Supplying data products and services for smart communities – Code of practice

  • Place-based Directory of Services Loneliness Pilots

    Making it easier to access information about local community groups, activities and support services to alleviate loneliness

  • Local authorities are in the unique position of delivering localised public health programmes, social care, education, housing and other services, enabling a wealth of data collection and complex analysis. The generation of insight bespoke to the population of the authority is facilitated via the linking of datasets. This Survey aims to examine the methodologies and constituent data sources of data-linkage in Local Authorities and how it facilitates analysis of the authority’s population.

  • This is the fourth cross-government event, bringing together those of you involved in API development. If you are thinking about, starting out, or actively developing Web APIs, this is a group people with which you can share ideas and discuss technologies. Our events are focussed on helping us learn from each other and move towards common government API standards. We cover all topics related to APIs, although generally with a tech focus.

  • As part of our commitment to support local authorities and fire and rescue services in England to steadily improve their operations and efficiencies through sector-led improvement, the Local Government Association (LGA) is preparing a day's masterclass briefing event on data and digital transformation.

  • £1.5 million geospatial competition open to improve public services