Access the data underlying LG Inform via the LG Inform Plus API

LG Inform API powered by esdThe Application Programming Interface (API) that drives LG Inform and LG Inform Plus is now open to subscribing Local Authorities providing a direct data feed to out 2000 plus metrics for use in your own specialist reporting.

LG Inform went live on 31 July 2013 (see here for details - requires Knowledge Hub signin). It allows comparisons between councils. Meanwhile esd-toolkit's small area reporting, to be known as LG Inform Plus, is under continual improvement with components available for use as development progresses.

The API opens up access to data for thousands of metrics that provide measures of performance and demography for council areas and/or smaller geographies.  It gives you raw data and many different types of derived data that have been validated by the LGA's Research and Information team. It also feeds details of the different levels of geography and how these are best grouped for comparisons.

We have made the API available to share our learning and to save individual councils the high cost of all having to collate data from hundreds of different sources.

The esd-toolkit Support team can provide an API key to any subscribed council requesting one. We can also help you get started using the API.

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