Add your own local data to the LG Inform database

Add your own local data to the LG Inform database alongside the 5,000+ data items already available, either for private use internally or to share with other subscribing organisations.

Our new My Local Metrics service lets you add your local data to match the time period and geography you need, such as local authority area level, ward, or your own defined neighbourhood. Your data is held in a secure environment and, depending on the geography chosen, can be shared with users of LG Inform, LG Inform Plus or the API (direct data feed).

Whether held privately for use internally or shared with other subscribing organisations, all new data can be used with LG Inform and LG Inform Plus standard functions, making data sharing and reporting easier and more timely.

You can experiment with up to five data items under your normal subscription and buy additional database space for a small premium.

Contact us for more details.

posted by esd support on 19th January 2018

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