Adding your locally collected metrics into LG Inform & LG Inform Plus

We first reported our intent to explore new features in LG Inform and LG Inform Plus earlier this year for subscribing users to have additional features that allows the upload of locally collected metrics for use alongside our thousands of nationally collected metrics.

See earlier announcements in our news item here: 

We held a very productive workshop with highly engaged users from around 40-50 organisations in January to inform our strategy and help to develop project scope and priorities.  Discussions continue to take place with all interested parties in the Knowledge Hub LG Inform and LG Inform Plus knowledge group

In recent weeks, the LG Inform team has been analysing and considering in more detail the guidance, advice and priorities that we all gained from the Local Metrics workshop that we held earlier in the year.

We have written up a structured analysis of the feedback and discussion topics that you gave us during the workshop.  This is available for you to see in the LG Inform Plus file exchange here 

We are now ready to get started and seek participants to work with us in a pilot trial.  Your local metrics can be uploaded into the LG Inform and LG Inform Plus database and used in combination with our stocks of national metrics and measures.   See the details of our approach and how to get involved.

Our strategy in the pilot (expected to last 6 to 9 months) will develop very closely with our user organisations.  We will test viability and understand the costs needed to include such functionality in a future release by running a pilot exercise.  This pilot will clarify the potential, the priority user preferences and the likely costs for future planning.  We will only be able to commit to long term implementation if we are able to address the user needs and understand the risks and the costs.  The pilot exercise will collect and publish initial examples of your local metrics in LG Inform Plus using tools we have in place to consume your uploaded metrics for use alongside the national data that we already serve to you.  A maximum of twelve councils subscribing to LG Inform Plus will be encouraged to participate in the pilot.  We will work with the participants to load the metrics quickly and to help formulate a robust costed plan needed to then rollout this capability more widely.

We will only be able to commit to wider rollout of this functionality if we are assured it meets users' needs and if we able to understand and underwrite the development costs. 

Contact the LG Inform Plus team at the LGA if you would like to join the pilot.

posted by esd support on 18th May 2016

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