Call for urgent action on elections process from Assoc of Electoral Administrators

AEA post-election report:
It’s time for urgent and positive Government action

The Association of Electoral Administrators (AEA) has today published its report on May’s local government and June’s UK Parliamentary general elections.

Once again, the Association calls for a fundamental rethink of the electoral process in the UK and stresses that without positive and urgent action, it has significant concerns that the many weaknesses and contradictions identified in current systems and procedures will cause the UK’s electoral system to further fracture and fail.

The AEA report is available for download here

Effective change and improvement of the fundamental processes that underpin our democratic system will only be achieved through the joint efforts of the wider electoral community.

To that end, we would very much welcome the opportunity to discuss the report and recommendations with you. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

In the report, the AEA makes 33 recommendations, covering areas including:

  • Creating a single Electoral Registration Act;
  • Reviewing the funding of electoral services;
  • Reviewing all election and electoral registration deadlines;
  • Resolving the ongoing issue of duplicate registrations;
  • Simplifying and improving electoral registration processes; and
  • Resolving the many legislative anomalies and omissions identified by the electoral community.

The AEA is acutely concerned that unless the issues identified in the report are properly considered and addressed, the structures, processes, available resources and people delivering electoral registration and elections will not be able to cope with the additional burdens being continually placed upon them. Accordingly, we look forward to actively working with all key stakeholders in moving this agenda forwards.

For further information please contact John Turner, Chief Executive of the AEA at or on mobile no: 07774 947622, or Peter Stanyon, Deputy Chief Executive at or on mobile no: 07855 589825.

posted by Assoc of Electoral Administrators on 4th September 2017

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