Data Linkage Practice in Local Authorities: Can you complete the survey?

Local authorities are in the unique position of delivering localised public health programmes, social care, education, housing and other services, enabling a wealth of data collection and complex analysis. The generation of insight bespoke to the population of the authority is facilitated via the linking of datasets. This Survey aims to examine the methodologies and constituent data sources of data-linkage in Local Authorities and how it facilitates analysis of the authority’s population. Best practice in data-linkage within local authorities will be identified with an aim of facilitating the development of a gold-standard in data-linkage practice. This work will serve to increase awareness of data-linkage in Local Authorities and occupy a gap in academic literature regarding data-linkage for analysis of wider determinants in Local Authorities.

Nick Turner at University College London (UCL) is undertaking a survey of data linkage practice in local government. The survey is open to anyone who works in a local authority, provided they interact with data – we want to hear from people at all levels of seniority, whether they link data or not. All findings will be made available online to respondents.

Please click on the link to start the survey - it should only take you about 10 minutes.


posted by Nick Turner (UCL) on 14th June 2019

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