Data Maturity self-assessment tool for local government

Working in partnership, the LGA, Nesta and Porism have recently developed a first automated data maturity framework and self-assessment tool for local government. This new interactive resource is based upon work undertaken in 2016 when a data maturity model was developed as part of the Wise Council initiative.  The tool is now live and free to use in its pilot first version.  We are monitoring its achievements and keen to receive feedback by the link provided in the tool.   It is intended to be used by many representatives within each organisation to collect their impression of the council’s maturity of data use.  By responding to a series of simple questions, the tool can aggregate and analyse the scores and offer a summary of its assessment of the organisational data maturity.  It can also sub-divide and present scores by different types of officer roles and councillors who have taken part.

As the database of respondents grows, the tool will also then offer comparisons with other authorities based upon their type and geographical locations.

We anticipate that the results will encourage conversations within organisations and with a further outreach between organisations as they each share and learn from each other.

Take and look, spread the word in your organisation and have a try here:

Programme Manager at the LGA, Tim Adams, launched the new tool to positive reception at the Nesta City Data confereence on 24th May 2018.  The launch presentation is available as a Powerpoint download in the LG Inform Plus File Exchange

UK Authority (UKA) published an online article about this new initiative in May 2018 here


posted by esd support on 25th May 2018

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