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With significant budget cuts looming, some authorities may be finding it hard to decide where to lower expenditure. It’s worth bearing in mind that some services are outlined as duties an authority must perform, which has caught councils out in the past. Section 7 of the Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964 states that library authorities must provide a ‘comprehensive and efficient library service for all persons’, regardless of any resource issues an authority might be facing.

How can services be delivered efficiently with so many dependent factors? A new feature of the LG Inform Plus toolkit could help. Uploader allows service managers or anyone from a local authority to add information about local amenities and service incidents and view those instances alongside reports from other tools.

For example, if an underused library is located in a low traffic area, relocating the library near to popular local amenities – such as supermarkets and health centres – could increase footfall. Mapping service incidents can also help identify an area where that library would be best placed – in a neighbourhood with significant deprivation, for example, or a particularly low digital inclusion rate.

Incidents and amenities can enrich your maps and reports.

Incidents and amenities can enrich your maps and reports, and you’ll be able to see if they occur in similar areas as well as understand how they relate to statistics for those areas. The information will help you to highlight where services should be targeted within your locality.

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posted by esd support on 8th September 2014

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