Local Government Workforce Survey - new data collection in LG Inform

The LGA runs an annual Workforce survey, typically completed by heads of human resources, which provides the LGA and councils with valuable information on key elements of the workforce within councils.

The information you provided to us in last year’s workforce survey has been invaluable in helping us to analyse and take action on the key workforce issues facing local government. The information collected in last year’s survey was used to:

• Allow authorities to compare themselves against others in relation to key metrics such as sickness absence and expenditure on training
• Identify best practice and inform policy development
• Inform our priorities for national action

Our most recent report is available here

Changes to data collection
For 2017, we have made a change to the way in which some data are collected. The change has been made in an attempt to reduce the current time lag in publication. We will now be collecting the following as part of our LG Inform Benchmarking Club:

• Gross training expenditure
• Total gross expenditure to the authority of provide member development
• Total number of employee-working days spent on off-the-job training
• Authority’s labour turnover
• Authority’s vacancy rate
• Sickness absence rate
• Sickness absence FTE days per employee
• Percentage of the top 5 per cent earners from your authority.

LG Inform Benchmarking Club
Our Benchmarking Club has been running for several years, with the aim of collecting local data directly from councils for benchmarking purposes. It is a voluntary process and the ambition is to, where appropriate, start to reduce the sector’s reliance on nationally published data either through collecting new data items or providing more timely access to existing data on a provisional basis by collecting data in-year, for example on a quarterly basis.

How to submit data
We have emailed our primary benchmarking contact at for each council who take part in the benchmarking club already. If you are not sure if your council takes part or if you would like to provide data please email lginform@local.gov.uk The collection window for quarter four closes on the 1st June. 

Further information

- Metrics collected via our Benchmarking Club see: http://e-sd.org/w9H5n
- 2015-16 LG Inform workforce and earning report sign in required

For any questions about our benchmarking work, please contact lginform@local.gov.uk

posted by LG Inform on 15th May 2017

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