A new look for esd-toolkit

From today, there’s a new look to the esd.org.uk pages – home to effective service delivery standards and evidence based improvement tools.

The esd-toolkit subscription service is now called LG Inform Plus in recognition of its close association with the Local Government Association’s LG Inform service.  LG Inform provides benchmarking for local authorities.  LG Inform Plus includes tools for drilling into the details of small areas within an authority’s boundaries.

Both LG Inform and LG Inform Plus use the same data and standards published by esd-toolkit.  The data is available via an application programming interface (API) and the standards are freely available online, for download and as Linked Data.

LG Inform Plus includes two taster reports open to all. The basic report by ward summarises all wards in your authority.  The ward detail report provides fuller information for any selected ward.  These give an idea as to the power of analysis available.

New maps and charts provide much information on the make-up of a local authority.  Other customer profiling features have yet to be migrated and remain available in the old-style esd-toolkit pages.

Do leave a comment or email us if you have any queries or feedback on the new features.

posted by esd support on 17th September 2013

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