ODI leads an initiative towards improved service design around open data

The Open Data Institute (ODI) announced a new initiative in mid August 2017 to drive improved service design - public and commercial sector services - built around increased and improved use of open data.

A procurement exercise has started, as part of the organisation's three year plan, to invite tenders from a number of consortium organisations to work with the ODI to develop state of art tools, processes and guidelines on publication, release and use of open data.

More details on the procurement are available on the ODI website here https://theodi.org/blog/invitation-to-tender-stimulus-fund-for-service-redesign.

The objective of this work is to support 3-5 consortia of UK public sector organisations, service design agencies, digital agencies and others to further expand the service redesign work they are currently undertaking with the aim to:

  • enable greater release of open data to power the delivery of public services
  • learn from their processes and approaches to build and improve design patterns and learning materials that can be reused by other public sector organisations.

The successful consortia will work in collaboration with the Open Data Institute (ODI) who will provide guidance, review and assistance throughout.


posted by The Open Data Institute on 22nd August 2017

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