Open Data Institute (ODI) local gov geospatial survey 2018

The Open Data Institute is currently keen to better understand how it can support the publication and use of more open geospatial data. Here's an introductory blog post with more information -

As part of a current project, the ODI team wishes to find out more about how local government in the UK is engaging in the publication and use of geospatial data and open source GIS tools and applications. They are primarily interested in how councils may be releasing geospatial data rather than publishing maps.

A short survey has been launched and they ask if anyone who works with geospatial data in local government can complete the survey to assist their planning and develop services and solutions to better help local government in its work.

Here's a link to the survey -

On-line ODI Geospatial Data Survey


More details from Vicky Hallam at the ODI -

posted by Open Data Institute on 10th August 2018

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