Plans to add local metrics upload to LG Inform & LG Inform Plus: 26-Feb-2016

The LGA-led online performance benchmarking and reporting tools, LG Inform and LG Inform Plus, have now reached an impressive level of maturity with user representatives in almost every local authority in England.  LG Inform holds large area metrics to permit council areas to be compared with one another.  LG Inform Plus holds small area metrics to permit comparison of wards and non-official user-defined areas created within its natural neighbourhood facility.  Collectively, both tools currently include over 3000 contextual and performance metrics describing local government.  All these metrics are already held in the public domain.

Increasingly, requests are being made to consider extending the tools to include locally derived and uploaded non-official metrics for use in combination with the national metrics already provided.  This capability is possible, although there are details to agree such as the increased levels of access security, the complexity of the user-interface and the governance of the more diverse data volumes that will have to be handled

A technical worshop is planned to take place at the LGA Headquarters, Smith Square, Westminster on 26-Feb-2016 to discuss and plan best strategy for moving these new features forward.

This workshop aims to bring together users and other interested parties to explore the options and to prioritise future developments.  It will take the form of briefings from the programme team on current practices, along with options for future potential.  There will then follow open discussion to seek the views of you, the expert users, and to develop a strategy for next steps, including the work necessary to secure funding to support preparing and launching new capabilities.

Please come and help us plan and prepare the next phase of development in these powerful online benchmarking and reporting tools.  A draft version of the agenda which is subject to change is available online here.

The event booking page (its free!) is here:

posted by LGA LG Inform Plus Team on 7th December 2015

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