Public sector Application Programmable Interfaces APIs meet-up 1-May-19

This is the fourth cross-government event, bringing together those of you involved in API development. If you are thinking about, starting out, or actively developing Web APIs, this is a group people with which you can share ideas and discuss technologies. Our events are focussed on helping us learn from each other and move towards common government API standards. We cover all topics related to APIs, although generally with a tech focus.

This next event will be held at the Government Digital Service (GDS) offices in London and will be geared towards: API Platforms, accessibility, launching/planning an API, delivering an API strategy, API management, managing performance, and new guidance/standards for GraphQL and naming APIs.

Anyone from central or local government is welcome to attend.

More details and reserve your place here


posted by GDS support on 25th March 2019

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