Record of Processing Activity (RoPA) in LG Inform Plus

From the start of April 2018, LG Inform Plus offers enhanced data and tools to meet the General Data Processing Requirement (GDPR) to maintain a RoPA.


What is the RoPA?

The ‘Record of Processing Activity’ or ‘RoPA’ is a log of all datasets which contains personal information that an organisation collects or processes. The RoPA also contains details of the ‘legal basis’ for holding the data, how it is processed, with whom it is shared and other details specified by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). Most organisations are required to keep a RoPA under GDPR that comes into force on 25 May 2018.


The data

LG Inform Plus’s Records Retention data has been extended to describe more than 1,700 types of record that councils and fire authorities might retain for legal and business reasons. Record types are cross referenced against business functions and services, delivered in accordance with specific legal powers and duties. Links are provided to legislation on retention.


For GDPR, record types have been made more detailed to distinguish personal and special information and to provide extra information needed by the RoPA.


The tool

LG Inform Plus lets you generate a Retention Schedule for approval within your council before formal publication. Now it also lets you generate and maintain online your own RoPA.


  • Download a template RoPA spreadsheet with standard information pre-populated for every record type

  • Populate local columns in the spreadsheet and upload it as your council’s own RoPA held securely in the Cloud

  • Maintain your RoPA online and download it fully or in part whenever you wish

  • Generate a privacy notice for any RoPA record. You can use the standard privacy notice provided or edit it to create your own customised notices.

  • Be part of a community of local government records managers and data protection officers helping one another improve management of our citizens’ data


Further information

Please see guidance materials by searching File Exchange for "RoPA".

posted by esd support on 27th April 2018

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