Review and overhaul of local government’s information sharing standards Aug-Sep 18

The local government information sharing standards have helped to describe and organise council data since the start of the millennium. They drive initiatives to support open publishing, transparency, linking and generally making sense of the huge types and volumes of data that are managed by councils on a daily basis.

The LGA has started a new project in August 2018 to review, overhaul and simplify these standards so that they remain useful and fit for purpose in these times of massive technological change. We need your help and expertise to make sure we do the right things. Read our introductory blog and please make yourself known to us so we can get started! 

See our intital proposal paper for your consideration. Its a MS word document.  There is ample time to refine these ideas for next steps.

We are collecting your views, advice and feedback on the Knowledge Hub discussion forum (sign in required - its free!)


posted by esd support on 12th September 2018

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