Two exciting public data projects from Nesta - Nov 2017

Nesta, the global innovation foundation and well respected "use of data" think tank has announced two exciting projects in recent weeks which have relevance and benefit to local government.

1. Second tranche of ShareLab funding for innovative data projects


The first project is the recent announcement in November 2017 of a second round of project funding to encourage innovation in data-related projects to ease the pressures on front line local service delivery in areas confronting current social challenges.  Proposals for consideration are being encouraged to be made to the Nesta assessment panel of grants, typically between £15,000 and £30,000 for project areas such as:

  • Connecting the elderly
  • Addressing transport poverty
  • Sharing community resources
  • Reducing waste and improving sustainability
  • Supporting communities to help themselves
  • Supporting people with low-level care needs
  • Encouraging children to learn and play
  • Addressing anxiety and mental health issues in young people
  • Tackling homelessness

Timeline is:

5 January 2018 - Submit your idea via the Expression of Interest form

22 January 2018 - Workshop for shortlisted ideas


23 January 2018 - Webinar for for shortlisted ideas

5 February 2018 - Submit your full application


2. A survey is underway of Local Government Data People


The Oxford Internet Institute, with Nesta, is conducting research into the spread of “data science” in local government around Europe. They are interested to understand how new sources of data (e.g. mobile phone data or social media data) are being used by local governments to make policy decisions and inform day-to-day operational management. They are also interested in the emergence of new analytical techniques such as network analysis, machine learning and agent-based modelling, and what the impact of these techniques is. The survey will also hopefully provide insight in understanding barriers to uptake, and what can be done to overcome them.

The project team wants to enlist the involvement of all those data and business analysis and information managers and staff working with local data to include a local government context into the research.  A wide range of people: technology and innovation managers, statistics officers, and also people who use data in their day to day decision making are being invited from several sectors. They hope for a broad view being provided: lots of different sizes of organisation, different areas of competence and lots of different countries. So please do take part and forward to anyone else who might be interested!

The results of the survey will feed into a report entitled “Data Science for Local Government: Challenges and Opportunities” which will be made available for free download.


posted by esd support on 22nd November 2017

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