• The use of email sent securely has its benefits but it can be confusing to understand when there are often multiple arrangements for receiving and sending secure information within an organisation – and different approaches between organisations within a local area. This confusion has also been heightened with changes to existing processes in the public sector including developments with GCSX.

    The LGA published guidance in June 2017, aimed at helping councils identify their options with practical case studies from councils that have already implemented such approaches.

  • The Open Data Institute (ODI) is assessing the training needs of people from governments around the world who are working with data and open data.

  • The recent cyber-attack on the NHS has shown just how crucial cyber awareness and resilience is for the whole of the public sector. In this rapidly changing cyber environment we must ensure we understand how the threat is evolving, and what it is today, not yesterday. We do not want to become complacent, and the responsibility for making this a priority and getting your organisation prepared goes right to the top.

  • The LGA runs an annual Workforce survey, typically completed by heads of human resources, which provides the LGA and councils with valuable information on key elements of the workforce within councils.

    The information you provided to us in last year’s workforce survey has been invaluable in helping us to analyse and take action on the key workforce issues facing local government. The information collected in last year’s survey was used to:

  • The Local Government Association, in partnership with The Open Data Institute, has developed a series of free online eLearning modules to help encourage and support local government's better use of data,  These modules are designed for local government elected members and officers responsible for business data, information management and open data publishing.  They describe the stages necessary to prepare, manage and use data collected on a daily basis by local authorities undertaking their business operations.

  • The Local Government Association announced today (17th February 2017) details about a new local investment programme in collaboration with NHS Digital.

  • In October 2016 GDS partnered with 19 local authorities on two collaborative pilots to transform

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  • Join us for a series of online training sessions discussing areas of LG Inform and LG Inform Plus. There are several sessions planned throughout the year covering topics such as the report builder, the Powers & Duties tool and Records Retention.

    During these online meetings we will give you a phone number so you can dial in to a conference call. We will also share a URL so you will be able to see our screen from your desk. We will then spend 20–30 minutes running through one topic with time for questions and discussions.

  • The Way We Work programme (TW3) in government aims to “create a decent working environment for all staff, with modern workplaces enabling flexible working, substantially improved IT tools and streamlined security requirements to be less burdensome for staff”.